Every builder says they are committed to quality but what do they do to achieve it? Building a home is a complicated endeavor so we have established certain controls to achieve our quality standards. These are just some of the ways we strive to build a better home.

Mandatory Third Party Inspections – In addition to our review and checklists, we hire independent inspectors to review the key aspects of home construction, such as concrete foundation, framing, window installation, roofing etc. This is in addition to City Inspections, which provide another level of review.

Monitoring & Evaluation of Subcontractors – We continually monitor the performance of our subcontractors. We only use top architects and engineers to a design a quality product. We have spent year cultivating relationships with quality subcontractors so you get a better quality home.

Smart Homes – We work with the best smart home installers with the most up to date, cost effective technologies. Our standard installation comes with conveniently placed USB outlets and WiFi enabled thermostats with options for Ipad WiFi controls of TV, Sound Systems, Pool Equipment, Lighting, Shading systems and more.

Built Well, Not Perfect: Even though we go through all these steps, it does not mean we build a perfect home. No one has ever built one yet. But we strive to minimize the chance for human error through our process, and if you find something that is not done to our standards, we pledge that we will fix it promptly.