Built Green

1. Indoor Air Quality – We use only low VOC paints and low-formaldehyde materials for cabinets, doors, countertops and carpets.

2. Water Conservation – All our homes have WaterSense toilets and efficient shower heads to reduce water consumption. Our landscaping is designed to have more drought tolerant plants and have moisture sensing irrigation controllers.

3. Efficient Heating & Cooling Systems – We only use high efficiency gas furnaces and air conditioning units and all our homes are equipped with WiFi thermostats which can be controlled by your computer, tablet or cell phone.

4. Energy Star Appliances – All our appliances are Energy Star certified and reduce your energy consumption considerably.

5. Energy Efficient Light Fixtures – LED lighting is used throughout to reduce energy consumption.

6. Well Insulated Home – You can’t see it but our walls (including many interior walls) are well insulated. The attic space has additional insulation to keep your air temperature consistent with reduced energy usage.

7. High Performance Hot Water System – We specifically design the water heating system to reduce cost, efficiency and waste, many using tankless water systems.

8. Green Structural Materials – Our lumber comes from local sustainable forests, roofs are designed for energy efficiency and longevity, recycled materials are used whenever possible to reduce long term impacts to the environment.

9. Ready for Solar Installation – Every home we build is prepared for future solar roofing and as solar roofs continue to become more efficient, it may even be possible to have net zero energy homes.

10. Ready for Electric Vehicles – We equip all of our garages with the conduit necessary to install the plugs required for current and future electric and/or hybrid cars.